This is my Family!


4 Responses to “This is my Family!”

  1. 2 Sokphan
    April 22, 2010 at 1:40 am

    HI, Vorlak. You are really helpful and kind that leave us the lessons studied.I am happy to see you and to know u as well.

    Best Regards,
    Phan (012 55 19 47)
    A student at IFL

    • April 24, 2010 at 5:50 am

      Hi, Sokphan. Are you a student at IFL? If so, are you in year 2?
      I’m really happy that what I posted in my blog was a helpful to you.
      This is my purpose to do so, now it has worked, so it nice.
      Actually, if you have time don’t forget to say hi to me, okay!
      Nice to have a comment from you.


  2. 4 Nary
    October 13, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    Dear Voleak
    M really appreciate ur work .. ESP: the summary part of Not Poor , Just broke
    It help 1part of my group presentation!
    Million Rhz Q Dear..
    By the way, would u mind helping me post or sent me the email about the Character Anylaise n Theme about Not poor just broke ?
    M really stuck with this two part !
    M looking forward to hear from u..
    Thz q very much . My Email is Sarynapim&gmail.com. My Facebook is Tg Sary Na

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