Debate topic: It was a stupid act for Kino to throw the pearl away at the end.

My group is a group that supports this motion.

There is only one point among three that we used it to fight with the opposition side.

The last point is about KINO’S LOSSES. As we can see in the story after Coyotito was bitten by a scorpion, Kino had to spend his time and his afford to find a pearl in order to hire a doctor to cure his son. Moreover, after he got the great pearl of the world, he had to protect it from all enemies who came to him. Furthermore, in chapter five Kino became to be a murderer because of killing a man. His house was burnt, his canoe was broken and he had to leave La Paz with his family in order to escape from the enemies and to sell his great pearl. However, his son was killed at the new place at that time. So, if he thrown the pearl away, he would waste his time, his effort, his energy and lost his son without gain anything.

Also, in chapter five on page 64, Kino said, “This pearl has become my soul, if I give it up I shall lose my soul.” By this quotation, we can see that Kino had never thought about throwing the pearl away.

And like we see in the story, all his villagers were admired with Kino when he got the great pearl because they hoped that Kino would help them to improve their living condition. So, if he thrown the pearl away, the hope of villagers would be sank into the sea too.

Therefore, this is not a good decision to throw the pearl away. If Kino thrown the pearl away, what could happen? Could Coyotito survive again? We all knew the answer already. It is NO. So, why didn’t he keep the pearl? The he could sell it to the dealer, even in a low price. Then he could get some money and it was better than got nothing and lost everything. So we still think that this is a crazy action that Kino thrown the pearl away at the end of the story.


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  1. January 14, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    Title of this story is The Pearl.

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