This is an essay which writes about the reasons that Kino should not listen to his brother’s warning.

Old people usually give advice to young people or his next generation; it is a normal way that human does. In the story, The Pearl, Kino’s elder brother also gives Kino a warning advice when Kino wants to go to sell his great pearl in the Capital. However, not all advices are right or should be followed it blindly. We have to think about the situation that we should believe or not. The following reasons show why Kino should not listen to his brother’s warning.

The first reason that Kino should oppose his brother’s warning is about the improving quality of life. In the story, Kino was cheated by the pearl buyers in La Paz. At that time, he was disappointed and he decided to go to sell his great pearl in the Capital, for he hoped that he could escape from the cheating. He thought that his pearl would be sold at a high price as he wished. Then, after he got a lot of money, he would return to his station (La Paz) and all of his dreams would come true. He dreamt that he would marry with his wife, Juana, in the church, his family would have new clothes to wear, and his son would send to school. Thus, in his dream his son, Coyotito, would be educated and he could share his knowledge to other in his village. When they were educated, all of them could improve their living standard or living condition, and nobody could cheat them easily as in the previous time. They also could break away form suffering and miseries of poverty, too. Moreover, they could reduce the inequality between Kino’s race and doctor’s race. Therefore, his village would be developed, had good health care system, had schools for children go to study, and had good living standard.

The second reason that he should not listen to his brother’s advice is to struggle for survival and freedom. If Kino still tried to sell the pearl in La Paz, he could not get the amount of money that he wished to get. He would be cheated again and again by the pearl buyers. Therefore, he had to go to the Capital because he wished to move away from the older order of life. The older order of life made him and his people lock in a place without having better opportunities. He and other people in his village had to depend on the others to get information or know the important matters. He wanted to make a change for himself and for his next generation. He wanted the future generation to have a better life and enjoy greater freedom, not living in poverty. Then the answer to their suffering and miseries is wealth and the pearl that Kino found is the solution of the problem. This is another cause that encourages him to be brave to go to the Capital with only Juana and Coyotito.

To conclude, advices of older people should be followed by the younger, sometimes. However, some advices are just a word saying from one generation to one generation without any practice. Thus, if we do not oppose with those advices, we might not find another way or another chance to make a new opportunity for life. People always meet many obstacles living; this is the taste of life.


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  1. January 14, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    This essay is my own. If anyone read it, then pls give me comment. Thank

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